About Emily Jonas, Esq.

A Mediator Who Knows the Difference!

A divorce mediator who is also an experienced matrimonial attorney

I became a divorce mediator because I believe that divorce mediation offers families — especially children — a more positive outcome.

Divorcing couples should consider their options and the potential impact on their families before becoming enmeshed in an adversarial divorce. Sometimes litigation is necessary and unavoidable, but in many cases mediation could be a viable alternative.

Mediation is a voluntary and confidential process. It promotes open and positive communication, which leads to workable agreements. Couples who participate in mediation generally are better able to parent together after divorce.

How I Became A Mediator

My professional journey to becoming a divorce mediator spanned 15 years, during which I experienced firsthand both the negative impact of litigation and the generally positive impact of mediation on families both during and after divorce.

In the beginning…

Basic mediation training in 1982 led to becoming a volunteer community mediator and director of the first high school based mediation program in New York City.

Law School

I introduced school mediation programs to city schools in Boston, where I also attended law school.

High Conflict Custody Cases

As the Director of Court Services for the New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, I represented children in high conflict custody cases in Family Court and Supreme Court in New York County. I became painfully aware of the emotional devastation warring parents inflict upon their children and the toll that litigation takes on families.

Court-Based Mediation

While at NYSPCC, I collaborated with several agencies to establish the first court-based mediation program in Manhattan Family Court to give families the opportunity to separate and divorce more peaceably.

Matrimonial Law Firms

My next stops were matrimonial law firms in Manhattan and Westchester. I thought that my orientation towards peaceful settlement would discourage litigation. I was wrong! Many of the clients were extremely angry and they were out to get their spouses at any cost. Both the emotional and financial costs were extremely high.

Mediation Training

My extensive training includes basic mediation training, divorce mediation training both basic and advanced, elder law training, and mediating with same sex couples. In addition I have worked as a collaborative attorney. Through my years of experience working with families, I have developed an expertise in parent child mediation as well.

Why People Choose Me

My Philosophy

First and foremost, I want couples to choose me as their divorce mediator because they feel comfortable working with me to navigate the divorce process without needless emotional and financial stress.

I urge you to listen to each other and communicate respectfully as I assist you to develop solutions which work for both you and your family.

If you have children, I encourage you to put their needs first in developing a viable plan which allows them to spend quality time with both of you.

What I Offer You

  • 30+ years of mediation experience
  • a background in both divorce mediation and matrimonial law
  • a free consultation to decide if mediation is right for you
  • flexible meeting times, fair pricing, and a private and comfortable setting
  • creative solutions to all financial and family-related issues in divorce
  • a way to protect your children from the trauma of divorce


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